Zen Garden

20160704_132709 (1)

“If we could just bottle this cool, sea air and bring it home with us!” This has seemed to be a mantra for my family lately. While I haven’t yet figured out how to do that, I have thought of a way to, perhaps, persuade my senses to recall the calm, cool feelings brought on by coastal breezes.

With several weeks of traveling to different beaches now behind me, I have built a small zen garden in an attempt to capture the spirit of the beach.  It is tiny, only 5 by 5 inches, holding the smallest of my beach finds: shells, pebbles, both polished and gritty, sand dollars and star fish. It is my hope that as I look at and touch these small artifacts I will trick my other senses to awaken, that the power of suggestion will cause me to breath deeply, hear the rhythmic crash of waves and think that I feel the sensation of a cool breeze against my body.

Now I have returned to the oppressive heat of my high desert home.  As the normal stresses of everyday life rise like mercury in a thermometer, I will be able to take a cooling, mini vacation just by running my fingers through my tiny zen garden.


6 thoughts on “Zen Garden”

  1. This is brilliant! Have you read ‘A Gift from the Sea’ by Anne Morrow Lindbergh? She uses shells as the starting point to look at how we approach different phases of our lives and relationships and stresses. (I have made this sound somewhat dry, but it’s a beautiful book and your shell garden reminded me of it).

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  2. Just looking at that beautiful tiny garden relaxed me, and I live 8 miles from the ocean! What a great idea. You quintessentially capture the sense of being there in your post.


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