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Zen Garden

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“If we could just bottle this cool, sea air and bring it home with us!” This has seemed to be a mantra for my family lately. While I haven’t yet figured out how to do that, I have thought of a way to, perhaps, persuade my senses to recall the calm, cool feelings brought on by coastal breezes.

With several weeks of traveling to different beaches now behind me, I have built a small zen garden in an attempt to capture the spirit of the beach.  It is tiny, only 5 by 5 inches, holding the smallest of my beach finds: shells, pebbles, both polished and gritty, sand dollars and star fish. It is my hope that as I look at and touch these small artifacts I will trick my other senses to awaken, that the power of suggestion will cause me to breath deeply, hear the rhythmic crash of waves and think that I feel the sensation of a cool breeze against my body.

Now I have returned to the oppressive heat of my high desert home.  As the normal stresses of everyday life rise like mercury in a thermometer, I will be able to take a cooling, mini vacation just by running my fingers through my tiny zen garden.